8.10.2013 / 19:20

What is the best video player for Windows 8?

I want to play some movies on my computer with windows 8 but i don't want to use windows media player. What other players can i use?

Mr. Coconut

Best Movie Player (Not registred) 10.10.2013 / 09:19
I mean, that the best movie player for all Windows is VLC movie player.

VLC player (Not registred) 10.10.2013 / 09:22
The right name is VLC media player and I agree, it is the best player for Windows.

Mr. Windows 24.10.2013 / 16:50
Hi guys,
I have to agree. VLC media player is the best of the best players. Is not only for Windows, but for every platform and I've never had a problem with playing any video. So again: What is the best movie player for Windows? VLC MEDIA PLAYER.

Danny W 8 (Not registred) 24.10.2013 / 18:17
I also recommend VLC media .. is fast and has a lot of features, but retains the simplicity.

Ninja turtle player (Not registred) 30.12.2013 / 14:25
On http://turtletechie.com/ writes:

1. VLC Media Player

This is probably the very best player out there across all operating system platforms. While it is not touch friendly, a project is underway to make one. This player supports all video formats and even contains a nice library so you can access your files easily. While not as difficult to use as Media Player Classic, it still contains a huge variety of settings that you can change for the perfect playback. But, you don’t have to touch them if you don’t want to. With VLC you can simple click on the file you want and it will play it. Once you have used this player you will understand why it has over a 100 million downloads to date.

KMPlayer (Not registred) 11.1.2014 / 08:58

What (Not registred) 18.1.2014 / 17:59
What is the best Windows media player? Definitely VLC player.

100% best (Not registred) 16.8.2014 / 19:49
Sure, that VLC player is the best.

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